A few testimonials from our happy customers:

The University of Montana (UMT)/ Rehab Essentials tDPT Program has greatly influenced my career as a physical therapist and educator. I selected this program due to the amazing access it provides to the top academicians and clinicians in the profession. The added bonus was the reasonable cost and the ability to receive credit for my preparedness at the post-graduate Master’s level.

I began my degree while taking a hiatus from the academic environment as a Director of Clinical Education. While serving part-time as a physical therapist at Mission Health System, Asheville, NC, ranked one of the nation’s Top 15 Health Systems in 2013 by Truven Health Analytics, I was able to help institute an early mobility initiative, where all of patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) were mobilizing, if stable, six hours after ICU admission. The Pharmacology course was essential for me, as I needed have a sound understanding of the effects of the copious medications that patients were receiving, given the critical nature of each patient. Very few of our patients were sedated, which allowed the focus to be on adequate pain control and patient control. Legal and Ethical Issues was another essential course for me, as I was often involved in team approach decision making about patients' end of life decisions. Many of the patients that I treated still walked days and hours before they died. The Professionalism course, in many ways, enabled me to maintain high academic standards and levels of communication in the clinical environment. Medical Imaging enabled me to better communicate with the ICU pulmonologists and radiologists to determine best positioning, and to help rule in fractures, deep vein thromboses and pulmonary emboli that were symptomatic with mobility. My education through UMT/Rehab Essentials clearly enabled me to rise to the top as a PT. In the fall of 2012, I returned to education, but this time, on the clinical side as the Director of Mission Health System Education Services, coordinating the educational opportunities for greater than 1,300 students, observers and interns who matriculate to Mission annually.

The University of Montana (UMT)/ Rehab Essentials tDPT Program is a fantastic education for which I am most grateful!

Alyson Totten PT, DPT, MS
Mission Health System, Asheville, NC

The experience I had with the tDPT program through The University of Montana exceeded my expectations in all ways. The courses were in a logical manner and were easy to follow. I enjoyed the “learn as you go” format that allowed me to study at my own pace and review material as needed. The CD lectures followed the syllabus and were easy to understand. Most sections had a textbook and/or reading material well defined. There were no surprises once the academic calendar was released if you followed the syllabus.

I enjoyed the ability to confer with my cohort in the discussion board and meet most of them at the Professional conference. The conference was a highlight of my experience as the material discussed was thought provoking and covered a wide range of topics. The faculty for the Professional conference was filled with leaders in the physical therapy field.

My highest recommendation for anyone wishing to further their education in an organized, interesting and thought provoking manner.


I would like to share with you my learning experience with Dr Koczan. She has been helpful and encouraging since day 1. I have learned a lot from her and actually enjoyed the whole journey.

As I reflect on what I have gained the past few months/years, I can't help but be thankful and appreciative for people like you  and the whole team behind the  UMT tDPT experience. Please keep on  doing  what you're doing....cultivate our minds and let our profession advance and grow!!!!


In regards to the Business and Marketing course:

"Your course and the discussion that you did on the lectures have been really helpful for me. Before this subject, I have looked at health care and business/marketing as two entities at the extreme ends of the arrow. I mean, I'm one of those practitioners, who, lets say, are kind of ginger in involving profit with actual facilitation of client care. This course made me better understand the importance of looking at the business aspect of the profession in order to sustain a practice, and in turn, continue helping patients. For all these, thank you so much."


I just want to extend my sincerest appreciation, Dr. DeRosa, for the valuable lessons I learned from you and this course. It was amazing to have the chance to put in writing a lot of thoughts and ideas that I have from several years ago that became relevant and resurfaced through this course. The resource books are truly a great read as well. I have been using some of the terms like "disruptive innovation" at work.


1. I love this curriculum.

2. I would not have a chance to ever go back to school if online programs like ours did not exist.

3. The point you make about "you get out of this curriculum what you put into it" is immeasurably true.

4. I love that each course has very different assessment tools...I got alot out of Business and Mkt..this was the course I expected the least out of and was enriched the most by...those writing assignments got me creatively thinking.

5. It is wonderful how Jonathan, and you Steve, convey a message of "we are all in this together and we want to help you" on every interaction. You guys rock.

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