Course Description

Management of Patients with Neurological Disorders


Laurie A King

Laurie King PhD, PT is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology at Oregon Health & Sciences University. She received her Doctor of Philosophy ...

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Course Description

This course is designed to incorporate evidence based practice and utilization of previous tDPT coursework for the management of patients with neuromuscular disorders. Lectures and patient cases are presented to aid the learner in facilitating clinical decision making and implementing evidence based practice in contemporary, professional clinical practice for persons with neurological disorders.

  • Critically evaluate primary sources of evidence on prognosis for recovery and functional outcome for patients with neuromuscular health condition and integrate the results into case-based clinical decision-making model.
  • Critically evaluate sources of evidence on standardized tests and measures; demonstrate integration of information on sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratio and Bayes’ theorem into clinical decision-making for a case of a patient with a neuro-muscular health condition.
  • Critically evaluate primary and integrative (systematic review) sources of clinical evidence on therapeutic interventions for persons with neuromuscular health conditions; demonstrate integration of information obtained from intervention studies to management of the individual patient.
  • Describe theories of neuro-plasticity following lesions to the nervous system and discuss implications for therapeutic intervention for patients with neuromuscular health conditions
  • Describe current models of motor learning and motor control; demonstrate integrations of these principles to intervention strategies for patients with neuromuscular health conditions.
  • Describe current models/theories of normal and neuro-pathological gait function; discuss the implication of this information for the evaluation of and interventions for gait impairments and functional limitations for patients with neuromuscular health conditions.
  • Describe the implications of the World Health Organization International Classification of Function and Disability (ICF) for management of patients with neuro-muscular health conditions; describe the importance of functional activity, quality of life/social participation to outcomes assessment from patient management.

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