Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Course Catalog

The content you need, when you need it

Whether a faculty member or adjunct is on sudden leave or an unexpected budget cut does not allow you to fly in the content expert you need, Rehab Essentials has your solution. 

Our single modules are the cost-effective solution to bring the subject matter experts to your students.  With budgetary concerns a growing issue for programs, our modules assist to lower costs and improve the student experience.  Over 15 courses are available and can be tailored to suite any need. 

Single Modules:

  • Include voice over PowerPoint, handouts, PDF copies of PowerPoints, and formative questions to reinforce learning
  • Deliver content on an LMS that is familiar to faculty and students, offering a seamless interface
  • Are good for 6 months per cohort with a valid license. Offer exams and exam keys to allow faculty to utilize any questions within their curriculum

I enjoyed the “learn as you go” format that allowed me to study at my own pace and review material as needed.

Doug Hoeck

Rehab Sciences Course Offerings

Business and Marketing
Dr DeRosa's Business and Marketing course is a comprehensive analysis at those factors influencing physical therapy economics and those organizational and management principles, which impact the ethical and legal aspects of health care delivery. Read More
Documentation, Coding, Payment, and Compliance: Managing for Success in the Outpatient Physical Therapy Environment
This 16 hour module will present to the physical therapy clinical doctoral learner methods to remain current in issues related to the documentation, coding, billing, and payment, for physical therapy services in all outpatient settings. Read More
Implementing Value Based System Change in Rehabilitation
This course describes the conceptual shift needed for the profession of Physical Therapy (PT) in order to remain at the leading edge of our data driven health care environment and the need to meet the Institute for Health Improvement’s (IHI) “Triple Aim”.​ Read More
Management of Patients with Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disorders
This course is designed to incorporate evidence based practice and utilization of the aforementioned coursework for the management of patients with cardiovascular and/or pulmonary disorders. Read More
Management of Patients with Musculoskeletal Disorders
This course will provide the PT clinical doctoral learner strategies for incorporating evidence based practice and utilization of knowledge learned in previous courses for the management of patients with musculoskeletal disorders.​ Read More
Management of Patients with Neurological Disorders
Lectures and patient cases are presented to aid the learner in facilitating clinical decision making and implementing evidence based practice in contemporary, professional clinical practice for persons with neurological disorders. Read More
Medical Imaging in Rehabilitation
The purpose of this medical imaging course is to provide the physical therapy clinical doctoral learner with the tools needed to interpret and apply specialized medical imaging information to the rehabilitation patient. Musculoskeletal imaging is emphasized. Read More
Pharmacology in Rehabilitation
This course in 16.5 hours of recorded lectures will present the primary drug classes and the physiologic basis of their action. Read More
Screening for Medical Disorders
Dr Boissonnault will explore the therapist’s role as an interdependent practitioner working within a collaborative medical model. Read More
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