Improving Health Education Across the Globe

A country’s societal health is correlated to the health professionals available to diagnose and treat the sick and impaired.  One of our goals at Rehab Essentials is to educating global health professionals in a cost-effective manner, allowing the sick and impaired to receive the care that they require.  We are aiming to achieve this goal by partnering with other global entities that share this vision of an improved global health society.

Our Current Global Partners

India - Key partner is Ingenious Physical Therapy Associates to provide the transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy curriculum

Philippines - Partnering with the Far Eastern University to provide a transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy curriculum

Thailand - Partnering with Srinakharinwirot University to provide content for a Masters in Physical Therapy curriculum

Peru - Partnering with the Asociacion Peruana de Terapia Fisica to provide fundamental courses in Spanish for differential diagnosis

In the next year we will be integrating therapists into primary care and with the physical medicine and rehabilitation provider.

Katie Jacques

Explore Our Educational Solutions for International Clients

Enhanced Training

Bringing the content experts to your facility, around the globe. Active, practicing health professionals can benefit from our courses, improving your facility’s outcomes and client satisfaction.

Transitional Doctorate Programs

Rehab Essentials is looking to partner with international universities that strive to improve health education in their respective country.  A partnership with Rehab Essentials will improve your alumni network, advance your regional societal health, and progress local health education.

Customized Solutions

Societal needs vary in every country, region, and locality.  Rehab Essentials is looking to work with you on a customized solution that fits your objectives to improve health education.

FEU-NRMF Partnership

This partnership will allow Filipino physical therapists that are residing in the Philippines an opportunity to advance their professional education to the Doctorate level at a cost that is proportional to the market differential between the US and the Philippines.

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