University Licensing

Innovative Curriculum to Challenge Students

  • Leverages e-learning to flip the classroom
  • Relieves Faculty of developing baseline content lectures
  • Focuses faculty on developing high impact learning experiences
  • Provides programs with a consistent and sustainable foundation for educational excellence
  • Establishes an on-line educational community from broader collaboration
  • Pricing is cost-effective and budget friendly
  • License pricing ensures access across a student’s lifespan in the program.

These modules will increase the productivity of your entire faculty by allowing them to focus on higher impact learning while students review foundational information within the modules from known content experts. Each module has evaluative questions throughout the material to challenge students. License pricing covers the students’ curriculum up to four years, so the modules can be utilized during the entire degree journey.

Flexible Bundles - Tailored to Your Institution

The Bundled Module License is a bundle of at least 3 courses of defined educational content. It is available from Rehab Essentials for on-line, anytime physical therapy education.

Launched in 2016, the Bundled Module is used in over 35 entry-level DPT, PT residencies and hospital credentialing programs.

We are moving beyond a pre-set bundle to flexible bundles. Now you can build your own bundle of courses based on your specific needs and interests. This is a great way to customize the needs of your program using the high quality, sustainable e-learning solutions we have to offer.

Module Offerings - Available for Custom Bundles

Business and Marketing
Dr DeRosa's Business and Marketing course is a comprehensive analysis at those factors influencing physical therapy economics and those organizational and management principles, which impact the ethical and legal aspects of health care delivery. Read More
Differential Diagnosis: Screening for Medical Disorders
Dr Boissonnault will explore the therapist’s role as an interdependent practitioner working within a collaborative medical model. Read More
Documentation, Coding, Payment, and Compliance: Managing for Success in the Outpatient Physical Therapy Environment
This 16 hour module will present to the physical therapy clinical doctoral learner methods to remain current in issues related to the documentation, coding, billing, and payment, for physical therapy services in all outpatient settings. Read More
Implementation of Therapeutic Modalities in Contemporary Physical Therapy Practice: An Evidence-Supported and Practical Clinical Approach
The purpose of this course is to facilitate learning of fundamental principles associated with the use therapeutic modalities as they apply to the clinical practice of physical therapy. This will be accomplished via a series of self-directed learning modules designed to enhance clinical decision making which guides the appropriate use of therapeutic modalities as well as best-practice approaches for their utilization. Read More
Management of Patients with Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disorders
This course is designed to expose physical therapists and physical therapy students to the examination and treatment of patients or clients with primary or secondary cardiovascular and/or pulmonary disorders. Read More
Management of Patients with Integumentary Disorders
This course is a general foundation in examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, interventions and outcomes for persons with various types of wounds will be provided. Read More
Medical Imaging in Rehabilitation
The purpose of this medical imaging course is to provide the physical therapy clinical doctoral learner with the tools needed to interpret and apply specialized medical imaging information to the rehabilitation patient. Musculoskeletal imaging is emphasized. Read More
Medical Pathology
This 22 hour module is designed to provide the student with basic understanding of the cause of failure of normal physiological process in the body – the disease process. Read More
Pain: A Primer on Pain for the Practicing Physical Therapist
Pain is a common complaint and one of the most frequent reasons people seek healthcare. The person training to be a clinician or the practicing clinician can grow frustrated with management of pain because traditional instruction falls short on providing an adequate understanding of pain. The overall goal of this primer is to supplement traditional instruction by providing content that allows the individual that completes this primer to gain a “transformed understanding” of pain consistent with Institute of Medicine guidelines. Primer content will emphasize examples in musculoskeletal pain from selected studies reported in the peer-review literature. Musculoskeletal pain was selected as the core of this primer because of its overall prevalence and high societal impact. Read More
Pharmacology in Rehabilitation
This course will present the primary drug classes and the physiologic basis of their action. Drugs will be grouped according to their general effects and the type of disorders they are routinely used to treat. Special emphasis will be placed on drugs that are commonly used to treat people receiving physical therapy. This course will likewise address how drug therapy interacts with physical therapy, and how drugs can exert beneficial effects as well as adverse side effects that impact on rehabilitation. Read More

In my program, we use Rehab Essentials as a cost-effective means of bringing expert instructors in pharmacology, imaging, and medical screening into our courses. My faculty are then able to focus on getting students to apply this knowledge to physical therapist practice. Rather than spending time creating lectures in those areas, my faculty develop activities and assignments aligned with the instruction that help engage and apply information in a way students will do so in clinical practice. This shift gives us the best of both worlds- expert instruction and core faculty who focus on designing and assessing learning experiences.

Dr Mary Blackinton
Program Director – NOVA Southeastern University
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