Integrated Modules for the Flipped Classroom

Innovative Curriculum to Challenge Students

  • Leverages e-learning to flip the classroom
  • Relieves Faculty of developing baseline content lectures
  • Focuses faculty on developing high impact learning experiences
  • Provides programs with a consistent and sustainable foundation for educational excellence
  • Establishes an on-line educational community from broader collaboration
  • Pricing is cost-effective and  budget friendly
  • License pricing ensures access across a student’s lifespan in the program.

The clinical medicine modules include:

  • 3 foundational modules
  • Standard exam question bank for each module 

These modules will increase the productivity of your entire faculty by allowing them to focus on higher impact learning while students review foundational information within the modules from known content experts.  Each module has evaluative questions throughout the material to challenge students.  License pricing covers the students’ curriculum up to four years, so the modules can be utilized during the entire degree journey. 

Premium Services Subscription

Advancing education should not be done in silos.  Premium services allow educators to step outside their university and share ideas with each other to improve the student experience.  These premium services are included with the clinical medicine modules. However, they can also be purchased as a stand-alone service that includes:

  • Teach the teachers course for implementing a flipped classroom
  • Online educational discussion forum
  • Case vignette bank
  • Premium exam question bank

Offerings Available

I would not have a chance to ever go back to school if online programs like ours did not exist.

Lynn McKinnis
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